Create Your Kokle!

International instrument building course - taught in English


Besides ordering Kokle from our workshop we offer a chance to join a one week camp of creating Your own Kokle


Kokle in latvian, Kankles in lithuanian, Kennel in estonian, Kantele in finnish, Gusli in slavic speaking countries - is basically the same instrument (with ethnic variations and further developments), that comes from this particular region of Baltic Sea. Baltic psalteries/zither family is the term used summarise this style of musical instrument.


Starting from 2018 our intention is to organize International camps of Kokle creation and to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and energy exchange on the subject. So far we have organised 16 latvian speaking camps of instrument building resulting in around 150 instruments that are self made, fully custom, creative and filled with creators soul impulses.


What we have found out that this kind of work is not your regular woodworking project, but really an intense soul work. We sometimes call IT- the instrument of the Soul. Based on the Baltic folklore Kokle can be seen as the representation of the soul and the World Soul itself – in a spectrum of the great world Tree. In songs, tales and myths we encounter contents that are magical, supernatural and truly transcendental – all connected with the kokle and kokle player.


Come and join our creative community of personal musical instrument building! Places are limited.


Camps in 2020:             August - 5th -12th 

(International, English speaking workshop)

Places limited.


To receive detailed information pack, apply and reserve Your spot, write to



Lai top!


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Kokļu radības Druvienā, Kļaviņos 2016. 1. saime


Kokļu radības Druvienā, Kļaviņos 2016. 2. saime


Savvaļnieku kokļu radības Dievlejās 2016.


Kokļu radības Druvienā, Kļaviņos 2015.


Kokļu radības Kroņaucē, 2014.


Kokļu radīšanas nometnes 2014. Process un rezultāts


Kokļu radības 2013.